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Curtain Hairstyle Men

10 Curtain Hairstyles for Men – 2024 Guide



One of the most impactful 90s style haircuts that stood the test of time and continue to resurface is the “curtains” style haircut. This iconic haircut style has been trending again since 2020 and shows no signs of fading away anytime soon.

The curtains hairstyle is a famous ’90s men’s cut where the hair on top is left longer and styled with a strong middle part to create the appearance of curtains.

Hair Salons all over the US have seen an increase in customers (both men and women) who want to try the modern version of curtains, which we are going to look into in a bit.

In this post, we are going to look at modern (2020’s) curtain hairstyle for men which is known as the modern version of the curtain haircut. It is also referred to as the eBoy haircut (which is the opposite of the eGirl haircut trend) on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

This style is a much more flexible version of 90s curtains as it allows you for more customization and personalization, depending on the face structure of the gentlemen or woman. It is often paired with a suitable beard style which makes it look even better. If you are a man looking for a new hairstyle, you may want to consider the curtain hairstyle.

Let’s look at some of the variations of modern curtain hairstyles for men:

1. Modern Curtain Haircut for Men

Modern Curtain Haircut For Men

This is one of the few variations that works great for everyone, including men working in a professional setting. This modern curtain style goes very well with formal clothing and can leave a lasting impression among your colleagues at work.

2. Mid-Length Hair Curtains

Mid Length Hair Curtains

Normally curtain haircuts are worn by men with long hair. But if you have mid-length hair and still want to experiment with the trending mid-part style then this look is a great option. This can be further customized with a hair dye that suits your persona.

3. Dyed Curtain Hairstyle

Dyed Curtain Hairstyle

Using your favorite hair dye color combined with straight long hair will give you a look that is sure to get you noticed even in a crowded setting. Make sure to go for dye from a reputable brand that is both safe to use and lasts longer.

4. Sharp & Fade Curtain Haircut

Sharp And Fade Curtain Hairstyle

This is a modern take on curtain haircut that combines the well-known fade undercut with long hairs on top which have sharper ends. One thing you must have to achieve this look is straight hair. If you do not have it, you will have to get your hair straightened to accomplish this style. The things we’ll do to get the looks that make us happy, right?

5. Wavy Curtain Hair

Wavy Curtain Hair

This is a unique take on curtain style which combines side parts and wavy hair. So, if you have wavy hair and are not afraid to experiment with side part curtains then you should definitely consider this look.

6. Modern Middle Part with Undercut

Modern Middle Part With Undercut

This look focuses on modern undercuts and symmetry. Let us warn you, this is not for everyone. But if you are ready then this style will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Men with thick straight hair can easily achieve this look as they can pull off-center parting without much effort.

7. Curtain Hairstyle with Beard

Curtain Hairstyle With Beard

Just like the men picked up the beard trend in recent years, combining it with the curtain hairstyle has also become quite common. If you like to keep a beard and still want to try the curtains, this look is what you might go for.

8. Curly Hair Middle Part

Curly Hair Middle Part

Men with curly hair are known to have lesser options when it comes to new hairstyles but don’t worry, the curtain hairstyle has a variation that is embraced and loved by men with curly hairs.

9. EBoy Haircut

Eboy Haircut

EBoy hairstyle is a variation of curtains that involves experimenting with colors and emo style. You might recognize this look from TikTok or Instagram. This curtains variation is a perfect match for those who want to make an impression on social media platforms. It is also known as the opposite of EGirl hairstyle which is trending among girls on social media.

10. Asian Curtain Hairstyle

Asian Curtain Hairstyle

One of the popular hairstyles among Asian men is the middle part which you may have seen on artists from K-Pop. This was not always the case though. But after K-Pop became a major hit, thousands of men jumped into salons to get this style and show support. If you have long hair, you can consider this look as well.

Bonus Curtain Hairstyles (MEN) for Inspiration (2024 UPDATE):

If you still could not find your favorite curtain hairstyle for 2024 then check out the images below which showcases even more variations of modern curtains for men:

More Curtain Hairstyles For Men More Curtain Hairstyles For Men More Curtain Hairstyles For Men More Curtain Hairstyles For Men 4 More Curtain Hairstyles For Men 5

More Curtain Hairstyles For Men More Curtain Hairstyles For Men 7 More Curtain Hairstyles For Men More Curtain Hairstyles For Men


Is the middle part back in style?

Absolutely. The middle part hairstyle, which is also known as curtains, is one of the 90’s trends that is officially back after some of the K-Pop stars and social media celebrities started rocking it. A lot of fashion sites also named the year 2020 as the resurgence of curtain hairstyle and our research also shows the upward trend in this hairstyle over the last 2 years. If you are looking to try it, and if it suits you, just do it.

Does curtain hairstyle suit everyone?

No. It is not one of those styles which every gent can wear. It is better suited for men with a square or diamond-shaped face. Other face shapes can experiment with it and we at Nalu Salon have experts that have helped men with other face shapes pull off modified variations of curtains. So, give us a call and set up a consultation if this is something you’ve been considering. We are located in Birmingham, MI.

If you are thinking about what type of part does suit curly hair then the answer is, they often look better parted to the side, while straight hair looks best when parted down the middle.

Where to get the best haircut in Birmingham, MI?

Our team of experts and stylists know what looks best on you. We can also customize the type of curtain hairstyle you have chosen so it blends with your style and personality.

Book your appointment today and visit us at:

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