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It’s Important to Get Your Wedding Hairstyle Appointments Scheduled Now!

This year, approximately 2.5 million couples are anticipated to marry – that’s 15% more than usual.


It’s a Boom Year for Brides and Grooms

This year, approximately 2.5 million couples are anticipated to marry – that’s 15% more than usual. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that wedding service vendors will be overbooked too.

If you are getting married you should schedule your wedding hairstyle appointment as soon as you have the date for your wedding. Actually, all clients should get their appointments with their stylist scheduled as soon as they can, because your stylist might be booked with weddings and trying to slip in their regular monthly client appointments where possible. Which will reduce your chances of getting in for an appointment and create unnecessary stress for everyone.

In addition, if you are a bride you’re going to want to schedule a trial wedding hairstyle appointment as well. It’s always smart to schedule your wedding hairstyle trial on a day that you have something else going on, like a party, work event, or date night. This way, you get to take advantage of your beautifully styled hair.


Here Are 16 Tips to Make Sure You Get Everything You Want For Your Wedding Day Hairstyle


1. We’ve Already Provided the First and Most Important Tip.

This is, book your wedding hairstyle appointment right away if you haven’t already.

2. Be Sure to Schedule a TRIAL Wedding Hairstyle Appointment.

Schedule it on a day that you can get some use out of it, like an event or date night.

3. Bring At Least a Few Inspiration Pictures for Your Trial Appointment.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, tearing out several pages from a magazine might help your stylist better understand exactly what you are envisioning.

4. Take a Lot of Photos.

Once you’re satisfied with your trial look, take a lot of photos from various angles so that your stylist may use them as a “cheat sheet” when it’s time to recreate the look for your wedding day.

5. Get Tips on How to Maintain Your Wedding Hairstyle Throughout the Evening.

If you’re set on a style but you’re not sure it will last through an entire night of dancing, ask your stylist to show you how to secure it using bobby pins or hair spray.

6. Consider Timing for New Hairstyles.

Keep in mind that the time surrounding your wedding day is not the time to try new hair colors. If you’re considering highlights or lowlights, do it at least a month before the wedding so that you can get used to the new shade and determine if you need to make any changes.

7. Be Prepared to Describe Your Dress.

Your stylist will need to know the neckline, silhouette, and overall feel of your gown in order to create the perfect wedding day hairstyle. Bring pics if possible.

8. Bring Your Veil.

If you’ll be wearing a veil, bring it along to your wedding hairstyle trial. This way, your stylist can incorporate it into the look and make sure it stays put.

9. Ask Your Stylist What Condition She Wants You Hair to Be In When You Arrive.

Make sure your hair is healthy and clean on your wedding day. Avoid any last-minute cuts or color treatments, and use a deep-conditioning treatment the week of the big day.

10. Trust Your Stylist.

If you have a stylist that you love, chances are they know a thing or two about wedding hair. So take their advice!

11. Be Prepared if You Have A Large Wedding Party Getting Ready Together.

Make sure you have plenty of stylists scheduled on the actual wedding day if you are having the whole wedding party scheduled together. We generally use a timeline to determine how many stylists will be needed. A bridal party that doesn’t need to be ready until 4 p.m. has much more time than one that needs to be ready at 11 a.m., and additional stylists will cut that getting ready time in half.

12. Schedule Services Based on Your Timeline

When deciding what time to schedule your appointment, it’s important to know what else is going on before the ceremony. Are you doing a photoshoot or, bridal portraits?

In that case, you’ll need your hair and makeup done earlier in the day. If you’re not doing any photos until after the ceremony, then the bride’s services should be second to last or last.

Also, don’t forget the timeline when it comes to people like your mom or maid of honor. If they are going to help you get dressed (and if that moment will be photographed), their hair and makeup should be done beforehand too.

13. Be Smart About the Order.

When you’re deciding who goes first, take careful consideration. It’s usually a good idea to put the most responsible bridesmaids in the lead early on. This way, your event will not be delayed because of one bridesmaid who is always late for everything else.

You should also consider your bridesmaids’ and mother’s wishes. The mother of the bride often requests that her services be completed ahead of time so she may assist before the wedding ceremony. If a bridesmaid has little children, find out when the babysitter is scheduled to arrive so she can get her hair and makeup done while someone else is watching the little ones.

14. Don’t Give Your Bridal Party Too Much Say

In many cases, no one wants to be the first appointment. Everyone is worried about their hair and makeup lasting throughout the day, just remind your bridesmaids even if they are the very first appointment they can be touched up at the end so they will look fresh.

15. The Quickest Appointments Should Go Last

The flower girls should be the last people in the hair and makeup stations (before touch-ups, of course). If young ladies are nervous, their hair may come undone if they have too much time before the event.

16. Be Flexible

Try not to think of your wedding day in terms of appointments; instead, establish a timetable and an order for the morning of your wedding so that you and your wedding party are on time. Strict timelines are typically ineffective. Things happen, and services may take various amounts of time based on each person’s situation. If you tell people they have a specific time to be ready, chances are they will be cutting it close.

As the bride, you should always schedule your wedding hair and makeup services for last or second to last, as previously mentioned. This gives you the opportunity to relax and take your time getting ready on the day of your wedding.


On the day of your wedding, you should be relaxed, excited, and ready to get glam—and not worrying about whether the hair and makeup appointments will be on time. The secret to avoiding beauty-related stress is to plan ahead of time and choose a hairstylist and makeup artist who will make it all come together.

So don’t forget to get your appointments scheduled. Whether you are a bride or just need to get in for your regular maintenance appointment. Nalu Salon will do everything that we can to accommodate you, but the best case scenario would be to schedule your hair appointments today to ensure that you get the date and time that you want!


Contact your stylist to set something up and give yourself peace of mind. Schedule your Wedding Hairstyle trial today at Nalu Salon, in Birmingham.