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What is a Wolf Haircut?

What is a Wolf haircut?


For those of you who are curious about the Wolf cut, it is a shag style that is full of wispy layers and volume and has been taking over TikTok and Instagram.

This Wolf style haircut is one of the most popular celebrity haircuts to emerge in the past few years. Generally, this haircut style is shaved on the sides with textured spiky hair on top of the head. It has been around since 2005 and was reintroduced by famous celebrity, Selena Gomez in 2012, but the viral Wolf cut trend gained a lot of momentum last year.

In fact, the trend and popularity of this Wolf haircut style developed straight from social media! The Wolf cut has really been blowing up thanks to many influencers who have been sporting Wolf cuts – including singer Halsey, and some YouTube stars like Curtis Lepore and Ken Walker.



Does a Wolf cut work with straight hair? Or does it only work with wavy hair?

The Wolf cut does not just have to be voluminous, as some styles are shaved even into the back area of the head. However, there is a risk that straightened Wolf cuts can look very thin due to lack of volume, so if you want a Wolf cut and your hair is straight, or if you think it might be hard for Wolf cuts to look good on you because of your hair texture and type then I would not recommend getting a Wolf haircut. If you do have curly hair however, I am here to tell you that Wolf cuts not only work but look absolutely amazing too!

The Wolf haircut style works best with long hair that is past your shoulders. In many instances, the Wolf cut is not recommended for anyone who has very short hair.



What are some popular Wolf hairstyles?

Below are some Wolf cuts that you can copy, Victoria Beckham has a Wolf cut and she has had it for 2-3 years. Drew Barrymore also has had a Wolf cut and Jordan Barrett, one of the stars of The Hills, has a Wolf cut as well.


Victoria Beckham Wolf Cut Similar To MulletJordan Barrett Wolf Haircut

How do I get Wolf hairdo?

To get a Wolf haircut, the best thing to do is stop in and see your stylist for a consultation. In most cases they will start by parting your hair on one side or middle top of head, so it gives off more volume. Then, your hairstylist will use professional scissors to trim it into a shaggy style – but don’t worry! It is especially important to not make the front too short because you want lots of length on top. After your Wolf haircut is styled with texturized layers, give it more volume with a light holding spray like Kerastase VIP Volume in Powder Texturizing Hairspray and style it with your fingers into desired shape.

A Wolf cut is perfect for a new hairstyle if you want an edgy look that’s textured but elegant at the same time – or if you want to make a drastic change and go for something completely opposite of what your current hairstyle is!  Although Wolf cuts are short on the sides, they can be very long on top of your head.  So don’t worry about losing too much length if you have long hair and want to keep it.

If you’re looking for some Wolf cut inspiration, check out this Wolf haircut video that has over 630,200 views!  (Don’t forget to subscribe to this user’s channel while you are there.)



Although not recommended, if you are adventurous and want to try it yourself to get the Wolf look, you’ll need a pair of hair cutting scissors in order to create those texturized layers and volume. If you do not already have some, here are some Wolf haircut shears that I think would be perfect to achieve your Wolf haircut:

Haircutting Shears For A Wolf Haircut 


Wolf Haircut



When it comes to Wolf cuts, keep in mind that they can be done in many different ways and aren’t just limited to one kind of style. So, if you like the idea of a Wolf cut but do not want something as bold as some of these Wolf cuts, don’t worry! Your Wolf cut can be done to fit your personal style and hair length. There is a lot of flexibility in this style.



Where did the Wolf haircut originate?


It is said that the Wolf haircut was originally designed by Guido Palau for his show at London Fashion Week 2005. He used a razor to create razor-sharp fringes on models such as Lily Donaldson and Rachel Bilson. Since then, he has developed new ways of styling this look.



How did it become so popular?  

In 2014 alice + olivia and Creatures of Comfort showed Wolf cut styling on their runways. In 2015 the Wolf haircut became a trend in hair styles and has recently grown into an even larger trend.  When the wolf haircut started to grow in popularity, there were many YouTube videos showing how to Wolf cut yourself at home with a pair of scissors and some hairspray. This DIY look became very popular because women love saving money, but still want to be fashionable and because the Covid epidemic had salons closed and people looking for do-it-yourself solutions.

There are endless ways you can style your Wolf cut – it really is up to your imagination! The most simple choice would be just leaving the layers long so they fall over your eyes, making this an extremely versatile hairstyle for both day and night and any occasion (unless that occasion is a job interview or something like that).  I personally love adding oversized hair-ties to my layers to make them more fun and interesting.  If you want to wear your hair down, you can easily put in a couple of bobby pins at the side for extra hold.

Those with long faces may want to keep their layers shorter on top so they do not elongate their face too much. I personally like keeping my bangs short because I have a square shaped face; however, some people with rounder faces prefer longer bangs that reach below our eyebrows since it opens up their faces and gives them shape! If you are struggling with what type of bangs would look best on you or which hairstyle would look best with your Wolf cut, ask you stylist for help!

You can ask friends and coworkers too. People are usually more than willing to give you their opinion if you ask them.  Just keep in mind that the opinion of others does not matter too much because it is only the way you feel when wearing your hair that truly matters.




My wolf cut experience:

My mom let me get a Wolf haircut in Spring of 2017. I had long straight hair and it was getting very thin at the ends so my mom said if I got a Wolf cut it would give my hair more volume and help it grow longer since I could never manage to grow out past my shoulders without cutting it. Being 14, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, but she thought having something different than everyone else would be fun for me. So, I went to a salon when I had the day off school and got Wolf haircut.

I was so nervous going in because Wolf cuts are edgy but that is what drew me to the style! I basically described Wolf haircuts to my hairdresser, and he cut it into layers as best as he could guess without having any examples for reference.  When he was done, we were both incredibly happy with how it came out!

The Wolf haircut is perfect for certain hair types: If your hair is thick or naturally wavy or curly, Wolf haircuts can look amazing on you because they add volume and texture that really ‘pops’ from all of your natural hair.  If your hair is straight, Wolf haircuts can still work wonders on your hair because Wolf haircut can add volume and sass!  In fact, they can actually make your straight hair appear even longer with the right Wolf cut and styling techniques.

On a side note, Wolf haircuts are also great if you are interested in growing out bangs but don’t know how exactly to go about it.  You might end up getting a Wolf haircut if you do grow them out because Wolf cuts can hide awkward growing-out stage bangs that stick out at weird angles.  Wolf cuts bring all of your hair together so there’s no more awkwardness hiding in the middle section of your face! This is my Wolf hairstyle photo taken from recent Wolf haircut I got at a salon near me:


Wolf Haircut Style




I hope I helped answer any questions or curiosities you may have had about Wolf haircuts!  If there’s anything else you’d like me to cover about this topic please leave a comment below and I can write another article answering any questions you may have. You can also share this article by clicking one of the sharing buttons below.

Thank you all so much for reading my article and don’t forget to take some time out of your day to appreciate all the Wolf cuts out there!


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